Alec Bradley Spirit of Cuba Robusto Habano Box of 20s

Featuring the leaves and construction perfectionism that made Alec Bradley a household name, the Spirit of Cuba is an outstanding smoke that hits all the right notes, with the tasty tobacco flavors we have come to expect from all Alec Bradley offerings.


These Cuban-Sandwich style cigars, have a leather and beer-nuts aroma with pleasant floral undertones and offers a complex flavor profile and pleasantly memorable smoking experience a true homage to the Spirit of Cuba.

Full Specifications

Country: Honduras
Ring Gauge: 5
Length: 50
Strength: Mild to Medium
Box Of: 20s
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico

History of Alec Bradley

In 1996, Alec Bradley founded Alec Bradley Cigar Company and they are proud of the fact that many have come to love and enjoy their cigars. Alec Bradley just wants to make cigars that people can enjoy. The part of their history that really makes them who they are today comes down to a 10-second encounter that changed everything.

In 1998, the cigar boom was in decline and the industry was struggling to survive; as was Alec Bradley. After having known Ralph for only a few months, they decided to join forces to create their first cigar together: Occidental Reserve. The response proved that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and that pushed them to continue to develop cigars that they and others have been excited to smoke.

More information on: https://alecbradley.com/



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