Submission Of Hosting A Virtual F&B Experience

Kindly complete all the required related to your upcoming experience in the form below. Once submitted, edits will not be entertained while your page is being processed. If there are any changes needed, kindly notify the team within 24 hours after submission.

*It should something catchy ie. Wonders of Winemaking with, Learn the Art of French Cooking with, etc
*Are you hosting just once or on a regular basis?
*Last day for online registration. Usually 2 days prior to experience
*ie. English, Mandarin, Malay etc | Hosting in multiple languages can be an added advantage.
*Can’t be changed after submission
*Indicate your preferred DiineOut Packages are described in proposal

Total Number Of Guest

*Ideally 10-20 pax at most, for better interaction & engagement.

Comfort of your Home, At a Studio, A Secret Location. We would like to know where you are located.
*Please tick/highlight which is relevant
*Your guest would like to get to know you! Describe yourself, qualifications & your inspiration behind hosting the experience.
Tips on what to tell:
- Areas of knowledge to share
- Your passion for the industry
- Your credentials & experience in hosting similar events
- Why you think you’re an expert within the field
*Tell us what you'll share within the session from start to finish, itinerary & activities you will conduct.
*Be as detailed as you can so your guest will know what to expect.
*What are they required to bring? To be included on your page.
*Be as specific as possible & avoid hard-to-find items, focus on readily available items.

Basic Information

*For DiineOut to get in touch with you for queries, updates/ emergencies

Bank Account Details

*To be used for billing purposes.


*Let your guests know how fun your session can be! Attach photos that best represent your experience

- Photos of you speaking in front of the camera/ computer
- Photos of the crowd engaging with you
- Photos of main activities and items related to your experience ie. glasses, bottles, ingredients, surrounding environment, etc (Ensure they are taken using proper lighting and angles)
- Kindly attach the photos along with this completed form upon submission.

With the submission of this form, I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions of posting my event on


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