A Gentlemen’s Pour – 50ml – Caperdonich 18 Year Old Peated


50ml / 48%

Do take note that this product is a 50ml bottle which is perfect for our Online Experiences!

Once gone, there will never be another. It has bonfire aromas with a phenolic taste on the palate and smoky finish slowly dissipating to gentle sweetness.

Caperdonich 18 Year Old is a peated single malt exclusive to travellers. It is the one and only available batches coming from a now closed distillery.

Tasting Notes

Nose: An elegant combination of delicate floral aromas and fresh orchard fruit. Crisp, green apple and zesty lemon mellow to reveal lavender honey and a hint of spicy liquorice.
PalateSweet citrus mandarin and tangy grapefruit that are perfectly balanced with juicy, ripe pears and flaked almonds.
FinishSoft, sweet and slightly dry.
Oak: American Oak Barrels



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