Cao Pilon Robusto Box of 20s


CAO Pilon uses a time-honoured method to promote natural fermentation, giving you a cigar with deep, rich colours and unprecedented depths of flavour.  You can choose your size and shape between CAO Pilon Churchill or CAO Pilon Robusto.

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For CAO Pilon, artisans meticulously configure the stack of tobacco leaves in a circular pattern to maximize their flavour and colour, in a process similar to the original Cuban method dating back to the 19th century. Pilónes can be enormous, weighing over 3,500 pounds or more!

Full Specifications
Country: Nicaragua
Ring Gauge: 52
Length: 5
Box Of:
Ecuadoran Habano Viso
Dominican, Nicaraguan

History of CAO

CAO was founded in 1968 and their factory is located Estelì, Nicaragua. While the company is rich with history, their passion is creating new cigars using unique and rare tobaccos. Many of their artisans have been with them for decades, rolling all sizes and shapes of cigars, their knowledge ensures that every CAO has the same high quality. Most of the artisans start in the same way at CAO, when there is an opening CAO looks to the relatives of their employees first, making is a real family-run company.

When they arrive on the first day, they enter a world of rigorous training, where our experienced workers teach them our way of making cigars from the ground up. They learn bunching first, and how the buncher and roller must work in unison with perfect timing and rhythm. Only once they master that can they move on to more advanced techniques. Everyone starts at the beginning, at the lowest rung on the ladder. In the factory, you have to prove yourself before you can move up. Of course, their learning never really stops. It takes years to master the art. But gradually they learn more and more, they work their way up, and one day they’re students no more. They become the teachers, and the art gets passed on.

CAO has two advantages that many other cigar brands don’t have, a license to do anything and the leaves to pull it off. The type of tobacco, the origin or the packaging used bare no restrictions. CAO also has the largest inventory of tobacco and best access to rare, small-batch leave in the business. That means they can do things that no one has ever tried before, like making the Flathead or Pilon.

More information on: http://caocigars.com/

Cao Pilon Robusto Box of 20s

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