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Clear As Ice

Transform your beverage into a masterpiece of clear perfection from the comfort of your home.

With the Clear As Ice, ice is made clear as it should be.

Earn 238.00 DiineOut Points

Why Clear Ice

Superior Taste. Slow Melting. Sophisticated & Stylish.

Superior Taste.
When it comes to taste, the choice is clear. Designed to avoid trapping unwanted particles floating in your freezer, clear ice is free from the unpleasant “freezer burn” taste that is common to conventional ice cubes. Clear ice delivers a sharp and clear taste every time.
Slow Melting.
Lasting up to three standard drinks, the high level of purity in each ice cube ensures less dilution and a greater balance of taste for any drink – from whiskey to juices and even coffee.
Sophisticated & Stylish.
With clear ice, drinks don’t just taste good, they look good too. Its classy appearance and clear-cut shape add an exquisite twist to any drink.

Watch this Tutorial on How To Use the Clear As Ice Mould

For more information on Clear As Ice mould usage, visit: https://www.clearasice.com/how-to-use


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