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H.Upmann Serie Sevilla Magnum 50 Box of 25s

Serie Sevilla is the name of a collection, exclusively made for the Spanish market, of Habanos cigars, which have been carefully aged and presented in earthenware jars made on the island of La Cartuja in Sevilla.

The cigars have been carefully aged, in a replica of the jars produced by this same firm in the middle of last century for the brand Partagás and Ramón Allones, which became museum pieces.

Earn 11,000.00 DiineOut Points

The H.Upmann Magnum 50 have been carefully aged for at least five years with the best conditions. With aging, the wrapper becomes darker and more silky, the flavors and taste settles, strength is reduced resulting in a roundness to the vitola.

A very beautiful presentation and a nice way to go up in smoke offered in this mythical cigar!

Full Specifications

Country: Cuba
Ring Gauge: 50
Length: 6 1/5
Strength: Medium to Full
Box Of: 25s
Wrapper: Habanos
Binder: Habanos
Filler: Habanos

History of H.Upmann

Hermann Upmann was a banker who came to Cuba and opened a cigar factory that failed before being taken over by Menendez y Garcia, who turned it into a success. The H. Upmann brand has some sizes that mimic Montecristo, which was also owned by Menendez y Garcia. The cigars have a reputation for being milder, which isn’t always reflective of their true taste.


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