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Havana Club Unión is the first rum ever that has been made to perfectly match with a Cuban cigar, namely the Cohiba Siglo VI; an equal marriage in flavour, texture and strength. Unión is the result of a collaboration between two big names of the most emblematic Cuba industries: Havana Club’s “Maestro Ronero” Asbel Morales, and esteemed Cuban cigar sommelier, Fernando Fernández.

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Havana Club Unión is richly aromatic on the nose, balancing oak and smoke with subtle tones of citrus, coconut, dried fruits and coffee. On the palate it is softly woody, accented with sweet vanilla, chocolate and dried fruit flavours, with a very aromatic finish.

Inspired by tobacco leaves, Havana Club Unión was crafted by Maestro Morales by carefully combining two naturally aged bases: Base Oro, a strong dry-aged base with notes of cocoa and dark chocolate that provide Unión with its body and strength; and Base Centenario, aged in Havana Club’s oldest barrels, providing a rich complexity of flavours such as tobacco, vanilla, caramel, and more. This assemblage gives a smooth, rich, and powerfully aromatic rum that pairs perfectly with the full-bodied flavour of the Cohiba Siglo VI cigar.

How to savour

1. See the notes: Gently raise the glass and find the right light angle to assess the colour. The darkness indicating the age of the rum. Slowly swirl the rum in the glass and hold it to the light to observe the “tears” – their slowness and thickness indicate the oiliness of the rum and the conditions of ageing.

2. Smell the notes: Cleanse your palate with water first to avoid skewing your olfactive perception of the rum. Unlike wine, don’t swirl the cup to avoid the evaporation of too much alcohol. Slowly approach the rim of the glass to your nose to begin to smell the first aromas.

3. Taste the notes: Stimulate your taste buds by taking a small sip to give the tongue a tingling sensation. Then take a long sip and circulate the liquid around your mouth. Remove traces of the previous rum with bread and water before moving to the next sample.

More information: https://havana-club.com/en-ww/rum/iconica-collection/union

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