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NURI Spiced Mackerel Fillet in Olive Oil (Chilli)

125 gms
Ingredients: Mackerel Fillets, 100% Refined Olive Oil, Cucumber, Piri-piri, Carrot, Laurel, Clove, BlackPepper

Specialists in Sardines since 1920!

NURI is 100% artisanally crafted and hand-wrapped with the original vintage design and only the best ingredients.

Keep in cool and dry place. Consume within 3 days upon opening.

Earn 66.00 DiineOut Points

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From the selection of only the best fish, the use of the freshest ingredients, the unique method of vapor cooking and the use of only 100% refined olive oil, all this careful manual preparation process flows into a handmade and intensive product, culminating in a very special moment in which each can is wrapped by hand, as the special gift it represents.

Either you prefer to enjoy a homemade sardine paté, Olive oil sardine spaghetti or just eat directly from the can as the most purists do… Be it a culinary chef or just anybody in their own kitchen, when the ingredients are of quality, creativity has no limit. 

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About NURI

NURI is the Conservas Pinhais & Cia cult brand and bestseller around the world since 1935.  With a selected and limited annual production, each NURI represents a very special and unique masterpiece. The number of steps and dedication required to produce a NURI can is approximately triple when compared to a typical supermarket product. Everything converges into a much more complex product of incomparable quality, becoming in some markets a true product of cult, symbol of the best moments of life and shared with the most special people.

NURI consumers know that they belong to a narrow and exclusive group of lovers of genuine and unique products made from people to people.


Return Policy

Non-Returnable : This product is non-returnable due to exclusivity/consumable nature of the product.

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