Ricard Pastis De Marseille


70cl / 45%

Ricard Pastis has a delicious liquorice flavour and should be served cold, it is usually prepared by adding 10cl of chilled water to 2cl of Ricard and lastly adding in the ice cubes.

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Ricard Pastis’s liquorice flavour enhances the subtle floral, fruit and spice notes. It has a smooth and elegant finish.

It all began in Marseille in the 1930s, when Paul Ricard, a wine-merchant’s son, dreamt of finding a formula “that would meet everyone’s tastes”. In 1932, he finally had his recipe, declaring “It shall be called Ricard, the real pastis from Marseille!”

Ricard is now the world’s best-selling aniseed-based spirit. Thanks to its inimitable taste and unique processing, this pastis has become the aperitif market leader. This anise-based spirit is still made using Paul Ricard’s original recipe, which has remained a closely guarded secret till today.


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