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Rosa Lafuente Small Scallops in King Scallop Sauce

Rosa Lafuente Zamburinas en Salsa de Vieira  


Ingredients: Small scallops, olive oil, onion, tomato, spices and salt.

Small scallops whose shell is known as the shell of the pilgrims from the Galician rías, gives it its special flavor and texture, elevated by the lightly fried king scallop sauce.

Keep in cool and dry place. Consume within 3 days upon opening.

Earn 76.00 DiineOut Points

Hand-packed Canned fish and shellfish from the Galician Rías.

Rosa Lafuente produces canned fish and seafood in an artisanal and traditional way by selecting and packing by hand, without adding any chemicals, because the sterilization process is enough guarantee of safety, and other characteristics derived exclusively from the raw materials used, hence the guarantee of the highest quality and flavor of its products.

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About Rosa Lafuente Artisanal Conservas

Rosa Lafuente is a hundred-year-old company dedicated to production of canned fish and seafood.

Located in Villanueva de Arosa, the heart of the Arosa Ría which gives its name, Rosa Lafuente packages its products from the Ría and Galician coast, Spain. allowing them to achieve our best raw materials and environment for canning, as they continue to dedicate themselves to package products from the Galician rías and coast.

Arosa Ría, because of its unique features, is rich in minerals and nutrients supplied by rivers and special protection of the currents from the north by the Cies Islands, Sálvora and Ons. These unique characteristics favor the development of a unique marine biodiversity in the world, which makes Rosa Lafeunte’s products without a doubt, a delicacy.


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