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Shirakabegura Daiginjo Muroka Genshu

64cl / 17%

Aromatic, Unrestrained and Complex

Undiluted (genshu) and non-micro filtered (muroka), this daiginjo is made entirely with premium Gohyakumangoku sake rice, and has an enticing fruity aroma that suggests freshly cut apple with a depth that only undiluted and unfiltered brews can offer.

Earn 320.00 DiineOut Points

Flavour Profile: 

Kun-Shu (Aromatic)
An unequivocal bouquet of tropical fruit, apple and melon is immediately present, with hints of apricot and black sugar emerging in the background. The aroma carries through to the palate alongside a complex mix of pleasant sweetness, crisp acidity and unrivaled depth that’s characteristic of this sake’s unfiltered and undiluted nature. Keep chilled and best served around 10°C, sipped from a narrow mouthed wine glass or tumbler. Pairs well with grilled foods or yakitori.
Recommended Pairing: Grilled fish, meat skewers or yakitori, light-flavored vegetable and seafood dishes such as mixed salad, asparagus, scampi or fish fingers.

Grade: Daiginjo – Daiginjo sake is made up of only rice, rice koji, water, yeast, and a small amount of pure distilled alcohol. The rice used to brew this sake must be polished at least to 50% of its original size. Daiginjo sake is almost always more expensive because brewers use double or more the amount of rice to create the same amount of sake.
Rice Type: Gohyakumangoku
Polished: 50%
Sake Meter Value (SMV): +1
Acidity: 1.3
Region: Kobe Nada, Hyogo Prefecture in the Kansai region

History of Shirakabegura Brewery

Located in Nada, Hyogo, one of Japan’s most famous sake producing regions, Shirakabegura is part of the Takara group producing sake, shochu and other Japanese delicacies. This brewery produces consistently award-winning premium sake with distinctive production methods such as kimoto and muroka genshu, as well as the popular MIO sparkling sake.

Brewing since 1842, using the hard water of Miyamizu, the water is uniquely suited to sake production, providing robust fermentation due to the mineral content. Shirakabegura has one of the longest gold medal streaks of any brewery in the Annual Japan Sake Awards.

A master of the rare traditional kimoto style producing unique flavours, the Shirakabegura philosophy is to harmonize two contrasting ways of brewing: using new technologies that mimic traditional hand-brewing techniques, and the art of human touch, judgement and intuition passed down through generations of brewers. The result is a range of special, unique and interesting brews, mostly of the Ginjo and Junmai styles. More recently, the brewery has found a new niche with the introduction of MIO Sparkling sake.

The brewery building itself is an imposing six stories high with modern facilities -considered among the best in the industry- spread out over over six thousand square meters in Japan’s most famous sake producing region, Nada.


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