Shirakabegura Kimoto Junmai

64cl / 15%

Flavourful and aromatic yet subtle and extra smooth.

Shirakabegura Kimoto Junmai is made using the traditional kimoto method which skillfully enables the fermentation of yeast and lactic acid bacteria in the yeast starter (shubo) to produce a brew that’s uniquely complex and concentrated, yet smooth and elegant.


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Flavour Profile: 

Jun-Shu (Rich)
Gentle aromas of banana and melon open up to reveal hints of yogurt and dairy. Resonating subtly in the mouth, these aromas merge with the flavours of rice and earth which complements its uniquely smooth texture without being cloying.
Keep chilled and best served around 10°C. Sip the sake slowly to enjoy how the complex mix of aromas and flavours evolve over time, giving more prominence to fruity aromas and subtly bringing out its acidity and depth as it warms to room temperature on your palate. An excellent companion to a wide variety of food, particularly rich cuisines that contain umami.
Recommended Pairing: Sashimi, red meat, fried foods and dishes with a rich sauce.

Grade: Junmai – Junmai means “pure rice” signifying that there is no distilled alcohol added. As a grade, Junmai sake has no requirements for rice polishing, therefore it technically does not need to be polished at all. However, most brewers still polish Junmai sake at least to 70% in order to remove excessive proteins and fats from the rice that can result in unwanted flavors and aromas in sake.
Rice Type: Gohyakumangoku
Polished: 30%
Sake Meter Value (SMV): +2
Acidity: 1.2
Region: Kobe Nada, Hyogo Prefecture in the Kansai region

History of Shirakabegura Brewery

Located in Nada, Hyogo, one of Japan’s most famous sake producing regions, Shirakabegura is part of the Takara group producing sake, shochu and other Japanese delicacies. This brewery produces consistently award-winning premium sake with distinctive production methods such as kimoto and muroka genshu, as well as the popular MIO sparkling sake.

Brewing since 1842, using the hard water of Miyamizu, the water is uniquely suited to sake production, providing robust fermentation due to the mineral content. Shirakabegura has one of the longest gold medal streaks of any brewery in the Annual Japan Sake Awards.

A master of the rare traditional kimoto style producing unique flavours, the Shirakabegura philosophy is to harmonize two contrasting ways of brewing: using new technologies that mimic traditional hand-brewing techniques, and the art of human touch, judgement and intuition passed down through generations of brewers. The result is a range of special, unique and interesting brews, mostly of the Ginjo and Junmai styles. More recently, the brewery has found a new niche with the introduction of MIO Sparkling sake.

The brewery building itself is an imposing six stories high with modern facilities -considered among the best in the industry- spread out over over six thousand square meters in Japan’s most famous sake producing region, Nada.


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