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Casa de Porco Preto - Tabua Mista de Barrancos Fatiada - Mixed Paio, Copita, Paleta Iberico (150g) Hand-Cut

150 gms

Cut by Hand (Cortador A Mao) Iberian ham is the result of the art and experienced mastery of Jamon carving by hand by our master carvers (Cortadors).

The Tabua Mista de Barrancos showcases a blend of flavors that allows you to taste the intense aromas, the fatty greasiness and the slightly salty , slightly acidic taste of the Black Iberian Ham in a Palette.

You’ll be able to experience the strong aromas and the smooth, exceptionally tender and juicy texture of the Copita, the robust flavours of spices and persistent nutty aroma of the Paio-Chorizo and the delicately thin, translucent slices of Paleta that highlights the velvety refined fatty greasiness of the Iberian ham.

A combination of the most revered charcuterie of Black Iberian Pig of Barrancos in one pack.


**This is a temperature-sensitive product. Please ensure that your order is collected and stored in the chiller immediately upon receiving.**

Earn 138.00 DiineOut Points

Always serve at room temperature. Iberico is rich in unsaturated fat, and at room temperature, the meat is primed to melt on your tongue. Here are some easy ideas and mouth-watering recipes to enjoy Iberian ham :

Eat it by itself – The rich flavors alone are plenty enough to romance your palette. Savor everything, from the taste to the tradition. After all, it’s a slice of the sublime!
Tapas – Put a slice or two on a piece of bread/ baguette and serve as a delicious tapa – also goes well with some manchego cheese or fresh roma tomatoes with a pinch of salt, drizzled with some olive oil.
Iberico & Melon – On a sweltering day, there’s nothing as refreshing and delicious as Iberico ham and melon. Just a thin slice of ham over a thin slice of a melon of your choice. Cantaloupes and honeydews will do the trick just the same.
Iberico & Eggs – Lay a few slices of iberico on top of a pair of perfectly poached eggs. The flavors and textures of the yolk and Iberian ham, will set your day off to an unforgettable start. If poached eggs are not your style, scrambled works just as well.
Iberico & Wine No charcuterie board is ever complete without a good wine. Iberico ham pairs well with many wines. Dry sherries make a superb pairing, as does manzanilla. Bolder reds can also make an excellent pairing. If you wish to pair your jamón with a sparkling wine, this can create a refreshing effect.

Info Source: medium.com & blog.amigofoods.com

Storage & Handling: Ensure that your order is collected and stored in the chiller immediately upon receiving.
Always keep refrigerated at about 15°C. Once opened, consume immediately. Let the product rest until it reaches room temperature before consumption.

About the Acorn-Fed Alentejo Black Pig

The soul of the unique lineage of the Alentejo Black pig is captured in this product. This traditional house is home to the oak forest that the Alentejo’s Black Pig, also called Black Iberian Pig roams in total freedom to graze on all-natural food-based acorn, one of the secrets of its excellence meat, for an extended period of 18 to 24 months. This produces a 100% Acorn Iberian ham, unique in the world, and with exceptional characteristics gifted by an unmistakable taste and aroma. Over a hundred years of experience, treasured by a family that loves their work, guarantees that this 100% Iberian acorn ham that arrives at your table is unique among Iberian: the essence of a pure, balanced and complete flavour.

About Barrancarnes, Casa de Porco Preto

Barrancarnes is an artisanal company based in Barrancos, where the Mediterranean microclimate with prevailing northwest and west winds combined with high altitude, as well as pure and fresh air provide all the natural conditions for the slow and natural curing of hams and sausages .

Established in 1988 and exclusively dedicated to the production, preparation and curing of products derived from Porco Preto, the company has two factories in Barrancos specialized by product. One dedicated to traditional sausages and the other to the manufacture of Hams and Paletas. It also has an estate, Herdade de Vale Ferreiros, where it is dedicated to rearing black pigs.

Barrancarnes’ policy is to present the best black pork products adapted to the needs of our customers, to offer the widest range of products based on their continuous improvement and market needs, always framed by the quality standards in force.

Website: https://casadoporcopreto.com/


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Casa de Porco Preto - Tabua Mista de Barrancos Fatiada - Mixed Paio, Copita, Paleta Iberico (150g) Hand-Cut 5


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