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Tamagawa Daiginjo Genshu Echigo Yukikura 1.8L

1.8L / 17%

This undiluted daiginjo premium sake’s fresh aroma is steadily matured within the snow!

It is the highest quality sake brewed using 100% Yamada Nishiki rice from Niigata prefecture and combining all the technologies of Tamagawa Sake Brewery. Immediately after being squeezed, the sake is packed into products and matured in a natural snow storage.

Earn 1,266.00 DiineOut Points

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Flavour Profile: 

Kun-Shu (Aromatic)
Fruity, soft, round and so very smooth, this sake is one of Niigata’s finest and a fantastic example of the light style of niigata brewing. Enjoy this sake with lighter fare such as white fish, raw or seared, and it is hard to beat as an aperitif as well. Keep chilled and best served around 10°C.
Recommended Pairing: White fish sashimi, steamed chicken or seafood, fresh vegetables or carpaccio.

Grade: Daiginjo – Daiginjo sake is made up of only rice, rice koji, water, yeast, and a small amount of pure distilled alcohol. The rice used to brew this sake must be polished at least to 50% of its original size. Daiginjo sake is almost always more expensive because brewers use double or more the amount of rice to create the same amount of sake.
Polished: 50%
Sake Meter Value (SMV): +3.5
Acidity: 1.3
Region: Niigata Prefecture in the Chūbu region.

The 91st Kanto Shinetsu National Taxation Bureau Liquor Appraisal Committee Ginjo Division Excellence Award winning sake.
2013 & 2014 – Gold – Delicious Sake in a Wine Glass
2010 – Gold – National New Sake Appraisal Winner

History of Tamagawa Shuzo Brewery

Sake was first made here in 1673, the era of the 4th shogun of the Tokugawa Dynasty Tokugawa Ietsuna, and there have since been 18 generations of successful brewing at this historic sake brewery. The Uonuma area is a prominent heavy snowfall region in Japan. And Japanese sake brewing that is only possible precisely because of the land that this snow shapes is conducted at Tamagawa Shuzo.

Snow that accumulates on the mountains of Uonuma melts and seeps into the earth where it then becomes pure spring water. This spring water that flows from the nearby Urayama Mountain is used in all of our brewing, and the smoothness of this water is clearly connected to the drinkability of these sakes.

The brand name, Tamagawa, can be translated as “Jewel River”, and is thought to derive from the Kawakamidani River which flows by the brewery. The character 川 (kawa or gawa in compound words) is an ideogram showing the flow of a river, which is what it means. Tama (玉) means an orb or a jewel, and by extension expresses the idea of precious beauty. It is thought that the name reflects the reverence in which our ancestors held rivers and water in the Shinto tradition.

Our Yukikura snow cellar uses this perpetual snow to store our products. Within the snow, the temperature remains at a constant 2°C year-round, with a humidity of roughly 90%. Surrounded by the gentle cold air inside the snow cellar, the sake is steadily matured, and the ultimate gifts from the snow are imparted onto the sake.



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