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Togouchi NAS Whisky

70cl / 40%

Togouchi Whisky is a sweet and fruity blend of Scottish malt and Canadian grain. This no-age-statement expression has been aged at 15 degrees in a tunnel rather than a warehouse, located, in the town of Togouchi, Japan.

Earn 570.00 DiineOut Points

A grain whisky with different features (unblended whiskies with a soft sweetness and one with rich minerals and grains) blends a well-balanced peat aroma and a malt whisky that has a soft sweetness like vanilla and chocolate. Utilizing the youthfulness, the whisky has been finished with a light flavour, with a kick.

The unique aroma of peat from scotch whisky is not often liked by Japanese people, so Togochi whisky is blended with a mild finish and some peat aroma to suit Japanese people’s taste.

Colour: A light golden colour.
Aroma: It has a youthful aroma, but a slight peaty aroma can be noticed followed by sweet honey, nuts and corn flakes.
Taste: It’s has a light and mild taste. A sweet aroma that reminds you of grains and honey gives you a mellow feeling.
Finish: The slightly peaty aroma dominates the aftertaste.


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