Volgorechensk Premium Yellow Label Sturgeon Caviar

50gms tin
Age of Fish: 10 to 15 years
Colour: Grey
Size: Larger than 3.5mm
Origin Species: Siberian Sturgeon

The caviar “Premium” is given by the best sturgeon after 10 to 15 years of caring care. A rather large grey grain with a delicate shell has a characteristic harmonious aroma and recognizable bright taste with a pronounced nutty note. This superior product combines the high nutritional value and palatability of a genuine delicacy.

Care: Caviar is a raw ingredient and has to be kept chilled at all times. Recommended storage temperature of -2°C to 2°C.

**This is a temperature-sensitive product.
For outstation orders to Peninsular Malaysia, please select ‘Chilled Shipping’ option in order to ensure this product stays fresh during shipping**

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About the Volgorechensk Premium Yellow Label Sturgeon Caviar

Bringing you high quality caviar from Russia that tastes usually rich, long lasting tatse and a special delicate aroma, which characteristic only of Sturgeon Caviar. 

Some ideas of how to prepare and enjoy your caviar at home:
– directly, with special spoons made of mother of pearl, bone, or plastic (no metal)
– as a spread on sliced cucumbers or blinis (Russian pancakes)
– as a filling in potatoes
– on local favourites like chao fan and vanilla ice-cream
– accompanied by dry champagne, vodka or fine wines

Caviar is a raw ingredient and has to be kept chilled at all times. Recommended storage temperature of -4°C to 0°C.

Ensure that your order is collected and stored in the chiller immediately upon receiving. Store only caviar in the chiller and ice brick in the freezer. Do not store the box / bag in the chiller.

About Volgorechensk Caviar

Genuine culture has been formed over several generations. This also applies to production culture.

Volgorechensk Fishery. We are proud of our history, which dates back to 1975.

Our fishery is considered to be one of the largest and most advanced in the country, and to realize this is not only pleasure, but also responsibility. We preserve the traditions of even that, Soviet fish-farming, and constantly enrich the classical experience with the best, carefully tested modern solutions.

We grow and supply to customers a wide range of the high-quality fish products. All process of production from getting healthy fish spawn to packing end products occurs in one production complex. The combination of traditions and modern technologies provides the highest quality and excellent taste of our product.

We grow our fish in cages on the Volga River. It is natural habitat of sturgeon, which guarantees the constant quality of caviar and fish delicacies. Every year we deliver more than 6 tons of sturgeon caviar all over the world. After careful research of our products in the laboratories of the Research and Development Institute of Chemical Industry of the Russian Federation our company was chosen to be a regular supplier of caviar and fish to the storage facilities of Rosrezerv.

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