07 September 2019

Martell X Babe Presents The Wonderarium

Babe Restaurant
7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Malaysia SME: “Don’t take-out, go DiineOut”

Creating memorable dining experiences with DiineOut and helping the F&B industry to gain more exposure It’s always nice to enjoy a good meal at a luxurious restaurant with friends, family or loved ones, but it might not be as economically friendly when you attempt it on a regular basis. Imagine if you could get a […]


Original Source: BFM 89.9 DiineOut is an online booking platform that lets customers buy tickets to special pop-up dining experiences all over the country. We speak to Managing Director and co-founder, Lionel Lau, about how more people are looking for experiences that revolve around food, the benefits of perceiving dining as an event, as well […]