As this generation’s foodie frenzy grows rapidly, dining events likewise increase exponentially. But within the sea of dining events, how does one make theirs shine? Many find that an experience, one that is memorable, is more important than the material things/objects one gets from an event. People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Your event goers will remember how they felt at the event, not what things they got to bring home.


So how exactly do you create an unforgettable experience? Hosting a great event with delicious food is definitely the place to start. Here are 3 ways to expand upon this and truly craft a memorable experience for event goers!


  1. Exclusivity 

    We all want to feel special, and if an event we go to is something exclusive, it makes us feel all the more special! Events with intimate small groups like supper clubs or small pop-up dinners tend to appeal towards our want to feel special.

  2. Have a sole payment gateway 

    This allows your event goers to pay upfront, giving both you and them peace of mind, allowing you to focus on curating the experience of their lives. *Hint: Use DiineOut 😉

  3. Do something special 

    Be it the use of rare/exotic ingredients, or interesting/new cooking methods, events that show off something that the event goer is unlikely to have seen before will always leave a lasting impression!

A memorable experience stays behind in the event goer’s mind long after the food has left their bellies – so find unique and exciting ways to do so!

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