Let us help you make hosting fun again

Let Us Help You Make Hosting Dinners Fun Again

Kindly complete all the required related to your upcoming experience in the form below. Once submitted, edits will not be entertained while your page is being processed. If there are any changes needed, kindly notify the team within 24 hours after submission.

The ideal name should be both informative and engaging (Cannot be changed after submission)
Cannot be changed after submission. If this event is repeated on other dates, mention it at the Remarks section below
Optional: Last day for online sales. Typically two (2) days before the event starts
If not applicable, please put RM0
If not applicable, please put RM0
Ends at midnight on date given
Pls select one
Please insert complete venue name, full address, phone and email
Please insert name of PIC, phone and email
Venue, organiser, wine/whisky/etc website for reference
The description should answer the following questions: 1) What will guests get out of the event? 2) What are you offering that's special / unique? 3) What will guests be able to take home, if any? 4) Other information eg. menu, wine profiles, special guests, chef profile, etc.
Eg. Multiple dates, special seating arrangements, add-on menus, etc.


Upload (1) high-res landscape image. This is the main image used for your event. Image format must be JPG/PNG only. Image size must be 1:1 square (1080 x 1080 pixel) or 4:3 landscape (1024 ✕ 768) Image size is max. 1MB.
Upload at least three (3) high-res landscape photos related to your event eg. chef photo, venue pictures, previous event photos, food pictures. Image format must be JPG/PNG only. Image size must be 1:1 square (1080 x 1080 pixel). Image size is max. 1MB.
[Upload multiple] E.g. Company logo, wine/brands, etc (JPG/PNG only, max. total of 3MB - multiple images)
Pls provide Menu List. Menu format must be PDF/ JPG/ PNG/ Doc. Maximum file size limit is 50MB

Other information

Private: For internal communications between Diineout and you.
Private: For internal communications between Diineout and you.

Finance Information

The name on the account
For billing purposes (please fill in I.C. no. if not registered with SSM). Letter is required prior to the SSM digits.
Please ensure this number is correct
Eg. Maybank, CIMB, Alliance, etc

Note:-  DiineOut reserves the right, without any obligation or liability, to accept or reject any or all the event submissions received, to prepare and word any event listing as deemed appropriate, to modify the listing or any part thereof at any time, without assigning any reason.

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