Zwiesel Vivid Senses Series ‘Velvety & Luscious’ 2pcs

2pcs boxset

Taste meets elegance.

This wine glass is a true all-rounder: wines with velvety and lush aromas develop their taste optimally in the Zwiesel glass Vivid Senses wine glass.

The “Velvety and Luscious” glass is not only recommended for strong varieties like Pinot Gris or Gewürztraminer. But also for grape varieties such as Gutedel, Chardonnay and Riesling, as well as soft types of wine varieties such as Merlot, Dornfelder and Barbera , which in this model fully develop their aromas and taste intensity.


About the Zwiesel Vivid Senses Series ‘Velvety & Luscious’ 2pcs


Wine enjoyment with a modern concept. The Vivid Senses wine glass series is based on the character of the wine and is therefore suitable for both white and red wine types.
Heavy and full wines need a voluminous vessel in order to develop their aromas, while fine wines can get lost in a glass that is too large. The Fruity & Fine wine glass gives filigree wines the space they need to develop and preserve their aroma while robust wines, on the other hand, the Powerful & Spicy or the Velvety & Luscious wine glasses are ideal.

Lovers of fine wines will get their money’s worth with the Vivid Senses series.

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Series: Vivid Senses
Item type: All-round wine glass, red wine glass, white wine glass
Item number: 122428
Packaging quantity: 2 pieces per box
Height: 230mm
Diameter: 105mm
Capacity: 710ml
Structure: Smooth
Colour: Crystal
Properties: Tritan®Protect, Tritan®, dishwasher safe
Production method: Machine blown


Crystal clear and resistant: The Tritan® crystal glass ensures that glasses from the Pure series are particularly brilliant and shine for a long time, just like on the first day. The TRITAN® PROTECT surface protects the tumbler glasses from scratches and cracks and makes it possible to clean the whiskey glasses in the dishwasher.

About Zwiesel Glas

Zwiesel Glas – the art of striking the right note.

Made in Germany and Handcrafted since 1872. Almost 150 years of glass craftsmanship, tradition and passion are given a new, self-confident shape. Zwiesel has always not only been about glass, but about what glass makes possible: Using the highest manufacturing and craftsmanship to create unique products that create extraordinary experiences of enjoyment and community. Products that give every laid table a special touch and that are literally part of good manners all over the world.

If you toast with a Zwiesel glass, you will hear how unmistakably true hospitality sounds. A special note becomes a brand promise. Zwiesel Glas is characterized by its unique quality. This high quality standard starts with the sound: the tone in which Zwiesel glasses sound when they are clinked is unique and has thus become the brand’s clear distinguishing feature. This special tone when toasting is appreciated not only by glass lovers, but also by hosts and guests all over the world.

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