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The Other Kitchen

Experience some of the finest local foods Malaysia has to offer, curated by Diineout.
Diineout Experiences 9
chinesediineout picks

Loong Foong Roast Duck, Taman Paramount

Diineout Experiences 10
chinesediineout picks

Penang Street Food

Diineout Experiences 11
diineout picksmalay

Bek’s Kitchen

Diineout Experiences 12
diineout picksPetaling Jaya


Diineout Experiences 13
chinesediineout picks

Shuang Siew Chicken Rice

Diineout Experiences 14
chinesediineout picks

Hon Kee Petaling Street Famous Porridge

Diineout Experiences 15
chinesediineout picks

Yut Kee Restaurant

Diineout Experiences 16
chinesediineout picks

Choong Kee’s Claypot Chicken Rice

Diineout Experiences 17
asiandiineout picks

Hanazen Japanese Restaurant

Diineout Experiences 18
asiandiineout picks

Homi Curry Puff

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