Malaysia SME: “Don’t take-out, go DiineOut”

Creating memorable dining experiences with DiineOut and helping the F&B industry to gain more exposure It’s always nice to enjoy a good meal at a luxurious restaurant with friends, family or loved ones, but it might not be as economically friendly when you attempt it on a regular basis. Imagine if you could get a […]


Original Source: BFM 89.9 DiineOut is an online booking platform that lets customers buy tickets to special pop-up dining experiences all over the country. We speak to Managing Director and co-founder, Lionel Lau, about how more people are looking for experiences that revolve around food, the benefits of perceiving dining as an event, as well […]

3 Methods to Host an Unforgettable Dining Event

As this generation’s foodie frenzy grows rapidly, dining events likewise increase exponentially. But within the sea of dining events, how does one make theirs shine? Many find that an experience, one that is memorable, is more important than the material things/objects one gets from an event. People may not remember exactly what you did, or […]