The London No.1 Blue Gin

70cl / 47%

The London Nº1 is a unique gin, distilled in small batches in the heart of London.


It is all of the components that give The London Nº 1 its singular character and unique flavour; the quality of the raw ingredients, the distillation method in Pot Stills (traditionally the only stills used for distillation in small quantities), the colour and the bottle’s design.

The London Gin has a perfect blend of 12 key botanicals from various parts of the world including cinnamon, orange root and angelica alongside less-common ingredients like gardenia and bergamot, which explains its distinct aromas of Earl Grey tea. Each botanical is specifically and meticulously selected to create a complex and sophisticated gin.

Colour: Turquoise Blue (Maceration of Spirulina after the distillation process).
Nose: Delightful scents of juniper berries and balsamic aromas. The alcohol is well integrated, elegant and clean.
Palate: A delicate palate with some viscosity, and a fine dry mouth feel. Mild but very aromatic, with quality balsamic notes. Very balanced overall with a long sensual finish.



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