L.A.S. Vino Albino PNO 2019

75cl / 13%

Strawberries and cream reimagined.

The most complex, flavoursome rendition of the Albino PNO to date.


Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with different amounts of co-fermentation, whole bunch pressing and skin contact blended together as one. 10% of the wine is Pinot Noir juice naturally fermented on skins of Chardonnay for 10 days and 10% of the wine is Chardonnay juice naturally fermented on the skins of Pinot Noir for 10 days. Drained directly to barrel and left for 12 months. The skin contact aspect provides colour, texture and complexity.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Autumn sunset, every shade of orange and pink.
Aroma: The smell of strawberries and roses fresh from Nonnas garden. Buttered popcorn and watermelon on the table too.
Palate: The taste of the sea- refreshing and alive. Not overly tannic, fairly balanced.
Grape Varieties: 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay.

History of L.A.S. Vino

L.A.S. (Luck Art Science) Thats what its all about. The ART of creating wine from essentially water and sunlight. The LUCK of the weather, the wind and the water during vintage. They say you need to know the rules to break them, we can thank SCIENCE for giving us an excuse to break the rules and create something different and interesting.

L.A.S Vino aims to make absolutely delicious, delectable, desirable drops and to discover new flavours in the world of wine. Based in Margaret River, Western Australia, their mantra is minimal intervention with maximum flavour and where possible working with growers using sustainable, organic and biodynamic vineyard methods. Using luck, art, and science (L.A.S.) to create wines that make you feel.

Website: https://www.lasvino.com/



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