Amur & Ossetra by T’lur Tropical Caviar


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Grade: B
Size: Medium (2.5mm-3.5mm in diameter)
Colour: Golden Yellow to Brown
Species: Amur & Russian Sturgeon
Packaging: 30gram Tin

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T’lur Tropical Caviar is the first ever tropical caviar brand which launched in 2018!

They harvest by Tropical Sturgeon Farming which shortens the production cycle to 4 years (from 7-14 years) and harvesting can be done all year round as it is not dependent on seasons!

T’lur Tropical Caviar and their way of harvesting benefits you with availability, consistency, freshness and variety!

Not all caviar is Russian! The Amur sturgeon from the Amur River in China produces entirely different caviar which tastes uniquely lean with a wax-like finish.

Quality caviar tastes lightly salted and not too fishy. The roe should roll, pop and melt in the mouth with a buttery flavour!

Fresh caviar has a softer and firmer texture which means that when the caviar bursts on your tongue you can feel the roundness of the eggs just before they pop!

Some ideas of how to prepare and enjoy your caviar at home:

  • directly, with special spoons made of mother of pearl, bone, or plastic (no metal)
  • as a spread on sliced cucumbers or blinis (Russian pancakes)
  • as a filling in potatoes
  • on local favourites like chao fan and vanilla ice-cream
  • accompanied by dry champagne, vodka or fine wines

Proud of its uniqueness, T’lur Tropical Caviar positions itself as the first tropical caviar and their goal is to share the delights of caviar first with the people of Malaysia, and soon the world!

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