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L.A.S. Vino Pirate Blend 2020

75cl / 14%

Why Pirate blend? Pirates were the outlaws, the one’s who broke the rules , the fighters, the one’s who lust after life with gusto. They drank with a passion that was truly magnificant.

For pirates liquor was the saviour; it soothed the heat of the sun and made the dark nights brighter. This blend is an ode to those salty sea dogs we left behind and those still sailing. Those willing to break the rules and live a life according to nothing but passion and the pursuit of personal desire.

The unique bottle shape is a nod to the port varieties used in the blend.

Earn 576.00 DiineOut Points

The blend is comprised of three Portuguese varieties: Touriga Nacional for structure, depth and flavour; Tinta Cao for aroma and finesse; and Souzao for colour and acidity.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Ruby red in hue.
Aroma: Notes of sweet spice, cinnamon, clove, plum compote, blueberry and dark chocolate.
Palate: Soft silky tannins with an exotic mix of red berry fruit sweetness and cocoa on the palate. Long, complex and an intriguing finish.
Grape Varieties: 55% Touriga Nacional, 35% Tinta Cao and 10% Souzao
Aging: Matured in oak for 12 months and was blended and left to settle naturally in stainless steel for a further 2 months prior to bottling.

History of L.A.S. Vino

L.A.S. (Luck Art Science) Thats what its all about. The ART of creating wine from essentially water and sunlight. The LUCK of the weather, the wind and the water during vintage. They say you need to know the rules to break them, we can thank SCIENCE for giving us an excuse to break the rules and create something different and interesting.

L.A.S Vino aims to make absolutely delicious, delectable, desirable drops and to discover new flavours in the world of wine. Based in Margaret River, Western Australia, their mantra is minimal intervention with maximum flavour and where possible working with growers using sustainable, organic and biodynamic vineyard methods. Using luck, art, and science (L.A.S.) to create wines that make you feel.

Website: https://www.lasvino.com/


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