Wu Liang Ye

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A well-balanced and harmonious BaiJiu liquor, Wu Liang Ye 五 粮 液 gets its strongly aromatic and long-lasting flavours thanks to the special mingling of 5 different grains: broomcorn, rice, glutinous rice, wheat and corn, stirred by ”Baobaoqu” (a kind of saccharified yeast starter).


About the Wu Liang Ye

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Pure aromas of Sorghum grain and long lasting fragrance of wheat and rice
Palate: Luscious and refreshing with intense flavour of corn coupled with the mellowness of rice and surprising sweetness of glutinous rice that ties everything together in lasting harmony.

History of Wu Liang Ye (五 粮 液)

A Chinese Bai Jiu (Chinese Distilled Spirits) liquor dating back to the Ming Dynasty. The ancient cellar group of Wu Liang Ye 五 粮 液 is China’s oldest existing crypt-type fermentation pits group, passed down from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.).

The Wu Liang Ye 五 粮 液 Company Group, also known as the ‘King of Chinese Liquor Industry’, is situated on the bank of the Minjiang River, north of Yibin City, Sichuan Province in South-West China. It is known as the “First Major City along the Yangtze River”.

This superior spirit still follows the traditional production process, from fermentation in the aged cellars & years-long brewing to a final appropriate blending. Using this ancient production process, combined with modern techniques and a unique natural eco-environment production method, resulted in this top-quality brewed spirit.

Since Wu Liang Ye 五 粮 液 was awarded the gold prize at the Panama International Exposition in 1915, it has won more than 100 international awards, including ‘National Famous Liquor’, ‘National Quality Management Award’, the ‘Best Credit Enterprise in China’, the ‘Centennial Expo’ & the ‘100 Year Golden Award’.

In 2008, the traditional baijiu-making techniques of Wu Liang Ye 五 粮 液 were listed as a national intangible cultural heritage. In 2017, the brand value of Wu Liang Ye 五 粮 液 ranked No. 60 in the “top 500 Asian brands”, No. 100 in the “top 500 Most Valuable Brands in the World” and No. 338 in the “top 500 World Brands”.

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